Destruction Unit Garrison, Toronto ON, June 13

Destruction Unit opened their loud and aggressive set with a very long and ominous drone. In fact, most of the songs seemed to feature an extended period of drone before dropping into some high-energy, fast-paced punk rock. The band, now based in Los Angeles, featured no fewer than three guitarists, who could be variously found head-banging rigorously, rolling around on the stage floor or pressed up against the amplifiers to produce feedback for their numerous drone-jams. There was also a steadfast bassist with a pretty sweet fedora. Throughout the set I was trying to figure out why exactly the band needed three guitarists and I came to the conclusion that the reason for having three was so that one would always be free to produce more feedback. Lead vocalist Ryan Rousseau certainly offered an inspired performance, ripping material from the ceiling and climbing on top of the piano, but amidst the constant barrage of three blazing guitars, his lyrics were rendered almost entirely inaudible. Destruction Unit were definitely very energetic and captivating, yet somehow lacking in deeper substance.