Destruction Unit "Dust"

Destruction Unit 'Dust'
The 2014 Adult Swim Singles Program will showcase a wide birth of bands by summer's end, but the freebie series started off with a one-two electronic music assault via tracks from Giorgio Moroder and Machinedrum. Steering into a different direction is Destruction Unit's amp-cranking new annihilation anthem, "Dust."

Offering a perfect storm of distorted rawk licks and pedal-to-the-metal drum work, the psychedelic garage track swirls around as if the band were speeding down a Texas highway in a longhorn-adorned caddy while downing peyote-and-Pepsi cocktails. It's messy, noisy, and a hell of a trip.

You'll find a stream down below, while the song officially goes up for download this Monday (June 23).