d'Eon Talks the Future of His 'Music for Keyboards' Series

d'Eon Talks the Future of His 'Music for Keyboards' Series
Montreal producer d'Eon recently released his new full-length, titled LP, a concept album about the archangel Gabriel living it up on the internet in 2012. But d'Eon has also been collecting tracks from throughout the past decade and giving them away as of late. In fact, LP is his third release of the year so far, following March's Music for Keyboards, Vol. I and April's Music for Keyboards, Vol. II.

In a recent interview with Exclaim!, the keyboard enthusiast revealed there are still more volumes to come.

"I don't know yet how many I'll do, but I'll be making keyboard music for the rest of my life," he says. "I am working on a third now but who knows how long it will take to finish. I have a couple ideas of what I want it to be, so it may end up splitting into two or three different volumes of keyboard music."

Unlike LP, d'Eon is giving away the Music for Keyboards series as a free, digital mixtapes to simply get music out there for people to hear.

"During the nine months or so that I was recording the LP proper, I was so stressed out about making the album exactly the way I wanted it to sound," he says. "There were so many steps involved in making the instrumentals, writing the vocal lines and lyrics, and actually recording it. The keyboard music was much more immediate, in that I could just press record and play keyboard and it was done. I needed to do something more immediate like that, if only to just hear a finished product immediately."

d'Eon adds that he got some extra inspiration from Canada's greatest hip-hop export, Drake, who got his start giving away mixtapes early on.

"Drake said he 'got rich off a mixtape' and that lyric really inspired me, because releasing a free mixtape doesn't require a manufacturing budget and doesn't take months and months to coordinate, and anybody can download it for free, immediately after the music itself is finished."

Stay tuned for more Music for Keyboards releases, and check out LP now via Hippos in Tanks. You can also read more of Exclaim!'s d'Eon interview here.