d'Eon Cleverly Channels Bygone Eras on "Figurine"

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 23, 2024

d'Eon conjured remarkable feeling through arrangements of digital chamber instruments on 2021's Rhododendron (an album we hope you didn't miss that year). New song "Figurine" — the first arrival from new album Leviathan, out June 21 via Hausu Mountain Records — picks up right up where the Montreal-via-Nova Scotia composer and producer left off, cleverly channeling bygone eras in compositional and technological approach.

"Figurine" compels me to tend a garden and organize an Exclaim! staff trip to a rumoured renaissance fair around Barrie, or log an unfathomable amount of hours scrolling @RedwallFeasts and laying siege in Age of Empires II. Introduced by foundational guitar arpeggios, an oboe then joins to weave a melody throughout the sharply plucked strings, later playing call-and-response with an airy flute. The already pleasant arrangement ascends further upon the arrival of a shimmering hammered dulcimer, playing off the oboe until each instrument retires to their quarters.


(Hausu Mountain)

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