Del The Funky Homosapien Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)

When the opening sounds of "Get It Right Now!" kick in it's with hard-crushing drums and chopped-up car alarms before Del, the face of Heiroglyphics, steps up to "[take] it back to the essence." It's a perfect example of what Del's Eleventh Hour (his album for El-P's Def Jux, from last year) should have sounded like, but there just wasn't enough stanky funk in those tracks. On the other hand, the car alarms can become a little mesmerizing, distracting listeners from the lyrics. Still, for good or ill, it never gets as experimental as that again, but hard-hitting drums, funky bass and guitar, strangely subtle samples and next-level braggadocio lyrics combine throughout for a fun, groovy listen. As well, "Hardcore Punks Can't Take It" tells a mellow tale of Del's decision to leave the violent struggle for the more positive struggle of being a successful rapper. Oddly enough, this serious song is followed by a jazzier track about how funky he smells ("I'm Smelling Myself"), a funny track that puts to good use a typical funk boast. Despite being a free download, Funk Man has all the style and quality of a professional release, and is arguably his best work since Deltron 3030. It's worth paying money for. (Hiero Imperium)