Defeater 'Abandoned' (album stream)

Defeater 'Abandoned' (album stream)
As previously reported, Boston bashers Defeater will deliver their first full-length for Epitaph Records this Friday (August 28). Ahead of the official street date, though, you can stream all of their Abandoned online.

The record is described as the act's "most relentlessly raw" LP yet, and follows vocalist Derek Archambault's ongoing narrative of a fictionalized "history of a never-named New Jersey family whose already troubled lives disintegrate into torment."

Archambault had said that the new LP focuses on a Catholic priest battling "his own poisonous faithlessness" following WWII, which is addressed up-front with powerful screams of "forgive me, father" on album opener, "Contrition."

In addition to the previously premiered "Spared in Hell," the album features gnarled up salvos like "December 1943," melancholy post-hardcore excursions like the spiritually questioning "Divination," and the communion tasting punch-up, "Pillar of Salt."

You can sample all of Abandoned down below.