Death Grips "Eh" (Michael Jacket remix)

Death Grips 'Eh' (Michael Jacket remix)
Experimental hip-hop trio Death Grips released their latest LP Bottomless Pit last week, along with stems of both vocal tracks and instrumentals for fans to play around with in their own work. Toronto producer Jarod Gibson did just that for a new remix under his Michael Jacket moniker, and Exclaim! has your first look at his flip of "Eh."

Taking the stems from the trio's leading single, Gibson has removed the original song's hyperactive synths in favour of a slow, pulsing instrumental. The song's "late-night vibes" are a hint at what's to come from a new EP he plans to release in early June.

"Since they released the stems to their new LP Bottomless Pit I thought I'd jump on that," Gibson told Exclaim! "I distilled the vocals down to their essence using mostly variations on Stefan's delivery of the nihilistic 'Eh.' This turns the dark house take on the track into one big danceable  '¯\_(ツ)_/¯.'"

Take a listen to Gibson's Death Grips flip in the player below.