Michael Jacket 'Superposition' (EP stream)

Michael Jacket  'Superposition' (EP stream)
After recently remixing tracks by the likes of Death Grips and Maylee Todd, Michael Jacket is set to unveil some entirely original material of his own. He has a new EP titled Superposition raring to go, and Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first listen.
An introduction to the electronic musician's "post-EDM" world, the opening title track is sure to draw listeners in to an all-encompassing black hole at the centre of the dancefloor with its thumping crush of bass, though lighter waves of synth hang above the outer reaches of the song — "like massive celestial bodies," as he puts it.
"Cheese Is Rewarded" rounds out the two-song set, getting billed as "the summer festival hit that never was." The pulsating beat surges energetically, only to lead into "anti-drops" that leave listeners entirely enraptured and on the edge of every one of their senses.
Paired up, Michael Jacket hopes that the two new tracks offer "a last blast of heat before summer fades." You can fall under their spell right now in the player below.