Maylee Todd "Lonely" (Michael Jacket remix) (video)

Maylee Todd 'Lonely' (Michael Jacket remix) (video)
Back in the fall, Jarod Gibson delivered a new cut called "Weird Paradise" under the banner of his Michael Jacket project. Now, he's ready to unveil a new video for another fresh track, and Exclaim! has your exclusive first look and listen.
"Lonely" originally arrived courtesy of Toronto pop oddball Maylee Todd, but it's been given a Michael Jacket remix just in time for Valentine's Day. He describes it as a "darker, ultra lonely, more house take on the original" and has paired it with a cinéma vérité-style video. Depicting Toronto as a bastion of alienation, the dark and suspenseful shots of the city at night leave the viewer with an overwhelming sense of isolation.
Be prepared to get your lonely on as you give it a watch in the player below.
For those looking forward to more from Michael Jacket, Gibson plans to deliver a new EP titled Canadian Gothic in April.