Dean Ween Goes Fishing In Online Video Series

Dean Ween Goes Fishing In Online Video Series
For some, cracking a six-pack, slipping into some hip waders and hauling in a big ol’ marlin is almost like a religious experience. Just ask John Lurie, or better yet, Dean Ween. The Boognish-worshipping Ween man enjoys his fishing so much that he’s launched his very own online show, Brownie Troop Fishing Show, dedicated to the pastime.

"It's the same thing as music," Dean Ween (aka Mickey Melchiondo) recently said of fishing in an interview with Spinner. "I forget where I am, I forget who I am... it doesn't get more relaxing. I like them both for the same reason because it's a release."

On the show, you can witness the life-long fisherman indulging in his hobby, pulling in sharks, hooking bass and having a hell of a time while doing it. "I love it," Melchiondo said. "It was something I did anyway all the time as a hobby and now it has benefited my hobby. [Our show] is a lot of fun and it's more like what fishing is really like for the average Joe. It's a bunch of guys having fun, drinking beer and catching fish."

So far six episodes are currently online, most shot in New Jersey and Delaware. On one trip, Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes even comes along for the trip and reels in a 25 pounder. Melchiondo said he’s hoping his next guest star will be George Clinton.

And if you by chance think fishing is cruel, don’t worry: Melchiondo said he follows the old catch-and-release method and usually throws back whatever he catches. In fact, he said he doesn’t even like to eat fish.

"If there is a steak on the menu, or tuna or salmon, I'll always order a steak," he told Spinner. "The more I fish, the more turned off I am by the idea of keeping one and killing it. I like the idea of letting it go and catching it again next year when it's a foot bigger."

You can watch the Brownie Troop Fishing Show here.

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