Dead Girls Ruin Everything What a Perfect Ending

Featuring the vocals and guitar stylings of half of Podstar, backed by Ultimate Fakebook’s rhythm section, Dead Girls Ruin Everything live up to their obvious potential on What a Perfect Ending, their debut full-length. Kicking out slick, catchy power pop in the vein of their former bands, tracks such as "All Is Forgotten” recall such classic groups as Knapsack and Samiam, building on punk rock pedigree with a more refined songwriting approach that draws unabashedly from pure pop territory. Dead Girls still get their slightly heavier rock on with songs like "This Amp Goes To Zero,” but when the infectious chorus of "oh yeah” breaks out, it’s impossible to forget that this is just great pop music — plain and simple. Occasionally, the band bust out some duelling guitar action, adding an additional sonic element to an already substantial sound. The standout here is "On a Lonely Note,” whose transition from melancholic, country-tinged ballad into a full-blown rocker is nothing short of exhilarating. (Reignition)