Dawn Landes Meet Me At the River

Dawn Landes Meet Me At the River
Good storytelling and country music are meant to go together. For singer-songwriter Dawn Landes, the results make for one impressive collection on Meet Me at the River. Her teaming with legendary Nashville producer Fred Foster may seem unorthodox, but it works to perfection. Plenty of slide guitar and clap-along beats soundtrack Landes's beautiful delivery.
Landes chronicles a much-needed excursion on "Traveling" — wanting to see the sun rise over Graceland and explore wherever the road of life takes her. The opening harmonica solo and organ breakdown on "Why They Name Whiskey After Men" spices up a song comparing men to alcohol (because it's true, they can both taste good and leave a lot of pain afterwards).
Providing backup for Landes on this record is an absolute A-team of musicians, from the stomp-clap rhythm of "Keep On Moving" to an excellent acoustic guitar line to the superb cover of Johnny Driftwood's "What Is the Color of the Soul of a Man." It's the closest to blues this record gets, and worth every second.
The best example of what this album does, however, is on "What Will I Do," a beautiful song, complete with harmonious backing vocals. A song about pondering risk v. reward, but "only the moon and stars can know" what is right. It's clear that Dawn's songwriting is one of her many strengths, as Meet Me at the River is only too proud to showcase. (Yep Roc)