David Holmes Haywire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Responsible for the smooth as butter, funky music on the Oceans films and most of the suave sounds from 1998's Out Of Sight, the work of David Holmes is something refined for soundtracks. The music of Irish movie Haywire demonstrates the same trademarks in a more at-home, background music sort of way. Opening track "Haywire" is pumping, with exciting horns, guitars and piano that punch the excitement levels up. The song titles reference moments of the film, corresponding with the action scenes. Most cuts on the record run between one and two minutes, clearly building energy to support the drama in a groove-y, James Bond/Peter Gunn kind of way. This could be the work of a more electronically produced version of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, who were responsible for the music of the old The Kids In The Hall series, but less playful. David Holmes keeps his jive consistently funky and Haywire follows this formula precisely. (Relativity)