DAS EFX The Very Best of DAS EFX

It seems a little odd for a best of compilation to be released for a duo that came and went in the course of a few years, in the process leaving very little material to work with. Still, that doesn't ever seem to stop record companies from rehashing their former artist's catalogue, as is the case with DAS EFX. When the nappy-headed pairing of Dray and Skoob blew up in 1992, some didn't take a liking to their unique "diggity-dang" flow, and if you couldn't wrap your hand around their lyrical style, DAS EFX was best in small doses. Still, as the years went on and the media attention fizzled, the pair began hooking up with mastermind producers such as Pete Rock and DJ Premier. It was in those latter years of their career that DAS EFX started to shine a little more and toned down their gimmicky verbal assault. This compilation may come across as a tad pointless, especially when half the album is lifted from Dead Serious, their platinum-selling debut, and reduces their forgettable final release to a couple of tracks. However, those tiny, monster boot-wearing MCs served up some pretty solid beats in the short time they dawned on the hip-hop scene. (Rhino)