Darlene Shrugg "Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card"

Darlene Shrugg 'Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card'
After delivering the twisted psych-pop swirl of Hound at the Hem earlier in the year, Slim Twig is now dialling up the amps to ear-bleeding levels with his latest project, Darlene Shrugg.

Comprising Twig, his Tropics cohort Simone TB (Fiver), U.S. Girls' Meg Remy, and Ice Cream's Amanda Crist and Carlyn Bezic, the Toronto supergroup have revealed their debut tune, "Freedom Comes in a Plastic Card." As you'll hear down below, it finds Twig's familiar vocals thrown over a raunchy '70s era glam-slam of classic riffs, glittery keys and more. It's all smothered in echo, sounding as if you're catching it from a dive bar with your face in a toilet bowl.

If that sounds a little too intense an experience, you can just give the song a stream down below or pick it up on Bandcamp.

Thanks to Chartattack for the tip.

Tour dates:

12/31 Toronto, ON - The Silver Dollar *

* with Horsey Craze