Darlene Shrugg AXENÉO7, Gatineau QC, February 5

Darlene Shrugg AXENÉO7, Gatineau QC, February 5
Photo: Ming Wu
No one can deny the glammy charms of Darlene Shrugg. These electric warriors have got strength in numbers, but it's not their sheer size that makes the five-piece great — it's their keen awareness of each player's individual strengths.
Hearing husband and wife Slim Twig and Meg Remy trade verses is a treat, not just because of their intuitive relationship to one another, but because their voices are so distinct — his low buried tones against her bold and soulful bite. Each Shrugg song is built on interesting juxtapositions, and presented as a whole, they slink their way into your head as one of the best arguments for rock in 2016.
Glam is an obvious touchstone, but some of their references seem beyond it — no glam drummer ever hit the skins quite like Simone TB does. Those big beats are timeless. It's nuances like those that pushed Darlene Shrugg into territory all their own.