Danko Jones Calls Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer "a White Nationalist Piece of Dog Dung"

Schaffer, meanwhile, has admitted that he "used bad judgement" by storming the Capitol
Danko Jones Calls Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer 'a White Nationalist Piece of Dog Dung'
Iced Earth guitarist and founder Jon Schaffer is currently defending himself in court as he petitions to have all charges against him dropped for his role in the U.S. Capitol riots in January. While he's expressed some regret for his actions through his attorney, some people — like Canadian hard rocker Danko Jones — are calling bullshit.

On Friday (March 19), a bail hearing took place for Schaffer. It did not end in his favour, as a judge ruled that Schaffer would be held without bail while he awaits his trial. He is facing six charges for his role in the insurrection.

Schaffer's attorney Marc Victor said that his client admitted he "used bad judgement" the day of the uprising, adding that Schaffer wished he could have a "do-over." His attorney also argued that Schaffer "left the capitol after approximately sixty seconds and returned home to Indiana."

It's a moot point since a judge ruled Schaffer will be denied bail, but either way Danko Jones has called bullshit. In a series of tweets, Jones said, "Jon Schaffer used bad judgement because he's a white nationalist piece of dog dung. His band mates cheered him on because Iced Earth are a terrible band."

He continued: "His request for a 'do-over' proves his pathetic weakness. He's the dictionary definition of a bell-end."

Read all of his tweets about the situation below.

Danko Jones is releasing a new album called Power Trio later this year.