​Dan Edmonds 'Ladies on the Corner' (album stream)

​Dan Edmonds 'Ladies on the Corner' (album stream)
Hamilton folk-rock troupe Harlan Pepper called it quits last summer, but the band members haven't abandoned music entirely. In fact, singer/guitarist Dan Edmonds is set to unveil a brand new album titled Ladies on the Corner on October 7, and Exclaim! is giving you an advanced listen.
For help on his debut solo full-length, Edmonds enlisted some familiar Cancon faces including members of Cuff the Duke, Elliott Brood, Del Bel and Bry Webb. It hears the young singer-songwriter embracing rootsy, retro vibes — right down to the 8-track machine he used to record the album.
"I was really limited in that sense, but I loved the challenge," he said in a statement. "It was almost like trying to make the perfect demo. To me, demos always sound better than the final product in most cases."
It's unsurprising then that the new songs opt for an endearingly lo-fi sound rather than any move into the left field of polished pop music. Stream-of-consciousness lyrics get paired with gentle, rootsy instrumentation, though Edmonds shies away from the Americana label that was frequently attached to his past project.
"I feel like these new songs show off a different side of all the old country and folk music I still love," he explained. "My hope is that people will come to this album with fresh ears and appreciate it for what it is."
Scroll past Edmonds's upcoming gigs and hit play to give it a chance in the player below right now.
Tour dates:
08/26 Hamilton, ON - Toast Wine Bar ^
09/04 Hamilton, ON - Gage Park ^
10/07 Toronto, ON - The Dakota Tavern *
10/16 Saskatoon, SK - Village Guitar and Amp Co. *
10/17 Edmonton, AB - The Aviary *
10/18 Jasper, AB - Whistle Stop Pub *
10/19 Vancouver, BC - The Wise Hall *
10/20 Nelson, BC - The Royal On Baker *
10/21 Twin Butte, AB - Twin Butte General Store *
10/22 Wayne, AB - Last Chance Saloon *
10/23 Calgary, AB - The Ironwood Stage And Grill *
10/24 Lethbridge, AB - Owl Acoustic *
10/25 Regina, SK - Creative City Centre *
10/26 Winnipeg, MB - Times Change(d) High And Lonesome Club *
10/27 Kenora, ON - The Bijou *
10/28 Thunder Bay, ON - The Apollo *
10/29 Sault Ste Marie, ON - Lop Lops *
11/4 Wakefield, QC - The Blacksheep Inn *
11/05 Picton, ON - Acoustic Grill *
11/11 Guelph, ON - eBAR ^
11/12 Sudbury, ON - TBA *
11/19 Hamilton, ON - This Aint Hollywood *
* with Zachary Lucky
^ solo