Dakota and Elle Fanning in Talks to Star in Shaggs Biopic

Dakota and Elle Fanning in Talks to Star in Shaggs Biopic
No matter how you liked them in The Runaways and the especially divisive Somewhere, Fanning sisters Dakota and Elle might be primed for their coolest role yet, as the duo are reportedly in talks to take the leading roles in an upcoming biopic for beloved out-of-tune outsider rock group the Shaggs.

NY Mag reports that the actresses may play two of the four Wiggin sisters comprising the Shaggs, the rock group from the late '60s who maintain cult status thanks to their complete ineptitude for playing their instruments or singing. Spurned by a palm reader who told their mother they would achieve greatness, the Shaggs were ultimately thrust into the spotlight by their father, Austin Wiggin.

At some point, the band's horrendously maintained website was updated with the statement, "We have signed a contract with Artisan Entertainment from N.Y. to do a motion picture on the life of the Shaggs. Artisans have hired a writer/director to write the script. Her name is Katherine Dieckmann from N.Y. She plans on meeting with the Shaggs and researching the town of Fremont in the next few months."

Dieckmann has directed a number of independent films, as well as music videos for R.E.M., Throwing Muses and Aimee Mann. NY Mag explains that the film is no longer being developed with Artisan Entertainment, though details are scarce at this point in time.

 Shaggs-mania isn't only sweeping the film world either. As previously reported, a Shaggs musical called The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World is opening Off Broadway in NYC this year. The play will have previews in mid-May before its official launch at the Playwrights Horizon in June.