Dot Wiggin of the Shaggs Returns with Her First Solo Album

Dot Wiggin of the Shaggs Returns with Her First Solo Album
We may never get the Dakota and Elle Fanning-led biopic that we want, need and deserve, but lifelong fans of cult outsider-music legends the Shaggs will be treated to some new music this year with the solo debut of frontwoman Dot Wiggin.

Forty-four years after the release of the Shaggs' Philosophy of the World, Wiggin is reemerging with a solo album called Ready! Get! Go!, which is being released under the simple name of the Dot Wiggin Band. It features a variety of material from Wiggin, including previously unheard Shaggs jams recorded by her and her band, new material, and a cover of Skeeter Davis's "End of the World."

According to the press release, "The material ranges from raw, punkish indie to pretty melodies, all with Wiggin's trademark whimsy. Her lyrics are simple but haunting, without ever becoming formulaic or gimmicky, and her peculiar, sweet voice rolls along the different musical styles with surprising ease, tying Ready! Get Go! together. It is exactly what one wants to hear after a 44-year musical hiatus — something reminiscent of the Shaggs, but refreshingly matured."

Ready! Get! Go! will be available on October 29 via Alternative Tentacles. The tracklisting is available below, along with a video of the band performing album opener "Banana Bike."

Ready! Get! Go!:

1. Banana Bike
2. The Fella With a Happy Heart
3. Speed Limit
4. If I Could Be Your Hero
5. Love at First Sight
6. Your Best Friend
7. Boo Hoo
8. Eh
9. My Cutie
10. Speed Limit
11. Wiggin Out!
12. Just Another Crazy Day at the Farm
13. End of the World