Daft Punk "Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 08 Womenswear Mix"

Daft Punk 'Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 08 Womenswear Mix'
Unfortunately there hasn't been a new note of music by Daft Punk in more than two years and it could be at least another two before we hear any. Who the hell knows? Despite a new live album coming out in November, as well as the film called Electroma, which has a soundtrack of completely non-Daft music, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo somehow remain busy not making a Daft Punk album. This year has been the duo's most productive year, possibly ever, thanks to a North American tour that blew the minds of every attendee and a resurgence of the music they basically created back in the '90s. But the Frenchmen have time for the fashion bigwigs at Louis Vuitton, who commissioned them to make a mix for their Spring Summer 2008 Womenswear collection. Okay, so it's just a mash-up of a select few tracks from their catalog, but it's still something to clutch onto judging by the intricate fusion. I mean, a compact mini-mix of "Human After All," "Da Funk" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," which mind-bogglingly squeezes Kanye West's "Stronger" into it - beautiful. Wait, isn't that Kanye song theirs too? Oh, whatever.

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