CunninLynguists Oneirology

The CunninLynguists' fifth album finds the Kentucky/Atlanta trio of Kno, Deacon the Villain and Natti exploring the science of dreams. From the cover to the song titles to the lyrics, Oneirology's dream concept is constant throughout, furthered by producer Kno's intricate, detail-intensive beats. The theme manifests itself in a number of conceptual songs: "Get Ignorant" attacks the hypocrisies of the American dream over heartburn organs and ferocious drums. "Murder (Act II)" questions the Western world's marriage to war, aided by a sage verse from Big KRIT. "My Habit (I Haven't Changed)" portrays drug addiction through the eyes of addicts, while "Hard As They Come (Act I)" finds Natti, Freddie Gibbs and Kno personifying alcohol, crack and H.I.V., respectively. Oneirology is a dense, invigorating listen that requires a few spins to properly parse the concept and the lyrics. Though it loses a little steam towards its end, Oneirology proves to be a dream well worth remembering. (RBC)