CunninLynguists Will Rap For Food

CunninLynguists open their debut album with a criticism of rappers that use the art form to put food on the table ("A Brother's Gotta Eat"), exclaiming, "Why don't you rap for food, then?" Repeating the theme throughout Will Rap For Food with a few short street corner freestyles is a humorous way to tie the album together. With an award-winning name like CunninLynguists, it's no surprise that the duo of Kno and Deacon the Villain excel at creating cunning lyrics with a sense of humour. For example, there's the absurd Eminem-esque offensiveness of "Fukinwichu" and the mocking "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts," likely the album's highlight. But they also succeed with some serious battle raps, like "Lynguistics" and "Halfanimal." And posse cuts like "616 Rewind," "Ain't No Way" and the aforementioned "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts" offers some of the best moments on the album. There are also a couple of bottom-of-the-heart-type songs that work ("Missing Children" and "Family Ties"). Unfortunately what holds this album back is an abundance of mediocre beats from Kno, who has produced for Braille, Jugga the Bully and Solid Entity. More production from Deacon (produced for KRS One and Masta Ace) would have been appreciated, instead of confining him to production on only "616 Rewind." Will Rap For Food won't make CunninLynguists your favourite new group, but it will put some food on their table and provide you with some pleasant moments in the process. (Boiling Point)