Crazy Town Darkhorse

I’m sure this will shock most readers but Crazy Town did not take the perfect opportunity to bow out of the music industry with one bona fide hit under their belts. ("Butterfly” was an okay track — a fun summer song that people play too much in a short period of time and then never listen to again.) Instead, the Los Angeles-based band released Darkhorse. Vocalists Bret "Epic” Mazur and Seth Binzer (Shifty) limp through the disc with nothing to say, and the lyrics are all, as Eminem so aptly put it in 8 Mile, "talkin’ shit.” It is all about girls, cars, "you never believed we would make it” and "look at all we got now, suckers.” If you need to remind everyone how well you are doing, you can’t be doing that well. Darkhorse lacks the silly raps that gave Crazy Town their brief success, except on "Change,” which actually uses the exact same guitar riff as "Butterfly.” And guitarists Craig "Squirrels” Tyler and Anthony "Trouble” Valli show off their minimal talents throughout the disc. Darkhorse is just bad; buy a pizza instead. (Sony)