Craft Void

An airy introduction track meant to establish the tone of Void achieves the opposite, as Craft's homegrown Swede heaviness is derived more from death metal rather than their epithet of black. The droning minor chords of "Serpent Soul" foreshadow supportive breakdowns and interludes as chugging riffs and screechy vocals from Mikael Nox command each track, with influences from predecessors of the Scandinavian scene blended with modern flavour and angst. Dissonant notes on "Leaving the Corporal Shade" are doom-y, while the tremolo-happy "I Want to Commit Murder" provides contrast with cheesy lyrics of necro desires. At times, Craft resemble now mainstream Norse neighbours Satyricon, from The Shadowthrone era to the sell-out anthems on The Age of Nero, borrowing various elements from sub-genres popular within their region. Void is an interesting listen that doesn't follow a style element for element, yet stays true to the dark. (Carnal)