Cradle of Filth Live Bait for the Dead

Another double-CD from England's vampiric purveyors of filth and gore to tide their fans over until the release of some new original material, Live Bait for the Dead features an audio version of the 2001 Nottingham show already available on DVD and VHS. Like the recent "best of" compilation, Live Bait for the Dead's second disc is full of rarities, including some mixed-media goodies. Cradle of Filth's live performance is good, even if the crowd seems a little subdued, but it loses something vital in translation to audio-only. Disc two is more engaging, with its cover songs, remixes and demos, but most avid collectors will own much of it already as b-sides or bonus tracks. Those who need to own it all should definitely and pick this double-CD up. But if you're not a fanatic, you might be better served by saving your money for the next studio album and a concert ticket. (Snapper)