Courtney Barnett, L7, Palehound Join 'Hands Off!' Compilation

The limited-edition cassette was curated in response to Burger Records' sexual misconduct scandal

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 19, 2020

Courtney Barnett, Amyl and the Sniffers, L7, Kathleen HannaPalehound and many more artists have joined a special limited-edition compilation — titled Hands Off! — in response to the shuttering of Burger Records following its massive sexual misconduct scandal earlier this year.

The cassette comp was curated by L.G. of Thelma and the Sleaze, May McDonough of the Psychedelic Cherry, Alex White of White Mystery and Charlie Caplan of Tapehead City, where the 200-tape effort will see release on December 1.

"This is a statement about there being no tolerance for predatory behaviour in the rock scene," L.G. wrote of the release. "The buck stops here. We wanted to put together something special by womxn to empower womxn, as a collective force for change. Cassette culture and DIY culture must progress and maintain its importance moving forward for a better tomorrow inclusion accessibility for all artists. Fuck boys' clubs."

All proceeds from the cassette "will be donated to [non]profits that focus on the empowerment of young women."

This summer, Burger Records was hit with an enormous amount of sexual misconduct allegations surrounding its artists and its staff over the summer. In response, the label issued an apology and announced plans to rebrand. Back in July, the label abandoned those plans and shut down entirely.

The allegations against Burger and its artists were started by an Instagram account called @lured_by_burger_records. Some artists who were named on the account include members of SWMRS (specifically Billie Joe Armstrong's son Joey Armstrong), Black Lipsthe Growlersthe Buttertones, Love Cop, Part Time, Gap Dream, Audacity, No Parents, Tomorrows Tulips and Cosmonauts.

Pre-orders of Hands Off! are now available through Tapehead. See the tracklist below.

Hands Off!:

Side A:

1. Amyl and the Sniffers – "Pleasure Forever"
2. Alice Bag [ft. Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe] – "77"
3. White Mystery – "Good Girl"
4. L7 – "Fast And Frightening"
5. The May Company – "The Paradox Drive Of Finite Confusion"
6. Courtney Barnett – "I'm Not Your Mother, I'm Not Your Bitch"
7. KO Newborn – "Maybe"
8. Exene Cervenka – "Already In Love"
9. Kairos Creature Club – "Voodoo Success"
10. FEELS – "Anyways"
11. The Royal They – "C.N.T."

Side B:

12. Palehound – "Killer"
13. Groupie – "Poor You"
14. Thelma and the Sleaze – "In Prison"
15. Shadow Show – "The Alchemist"
16. Blacker Face – "Punk Song"
17. Krystal Metcalfe – "Fearless"
18. Gymshorts – "You Blew It"
19. Clickbait – "Heat!"
20. The Black Tones – "Mama! There's A Spider in My Room!"
21. Karen Meat – "Synthetic"
22. The Exbats – "One Foot in the Light"

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