Counterparts "Collapse" (video)

Counterparts 'Collapse' (video)
Ever moshed to a broken-hearted love song? Well, Counterparts may have you doing just that via the melodic hardcore crush of their Tragedy Will Find Us track, "Collapse." Tugging at your emotions even more is the song's accompanying, lover-leaving music video.

On the performance side of things, we find Counterparts mashing out their melodies and mosh beats from inside a fairly empty apartment. Elsewhere, the narrative is steered by the sight of a woman waking up ahead of a man, ultimately splitting from the scene. A few poetic shots of wilting roses are thrown in, in case you missed the message.

You'll find the band kicking up a cloud of rose petals via the player down below.

As for the rest of Counterparts' Tragedy Will Find Us LP, it arrives at retailers July 24 via New Damage Records/Pure Noise Records.