Corb Lund Expands 'Agricultural Tragic' for New Deluxe Edition

Watch a video for his newly shared bonus cut "Horse Poor"
Corb Lund Expands 'Agricultural Tragic' for New Deluxe Edition
While Corb Lund only just released his Agricultural Tragic in 2020, the country-loving Alberta is already treating the album to an expanded deluxe edition. Agricultural Tragic (Deluxe Edition) is out on March 19 via New West, and you can check out the newly added bonus track "Horse Poor" now.

The bonus track has arrived as a video, and the previously unreleased fan favourite features Jaida Dreyer. As a press release puts it, "A classic country duet in the vein of Loretta and Conway, Johnny and June or Waylon and Jessi, 'Horse Poor' is a fun romp about a guy in love with a girl and a girl in love with her horses; an expensive proposition."

Lund himself stated the following of the song: "'Horse Poor' is a song about the common western affliction of having too many ponies and not enough money. I helped my friend Jaida Dreyer write it, and she claims it's a true story. That's my hero and pal, Tom Russell doing the wedding vows on the recording, and our old buddy Colin Linden in the video (as a nod to his role as preacher from my favourite Coen Brothers' film Intolerable Cruelty)."

Watch the "Horse Poor" video below.

In addition to "Horse Poor," Agricultural Tragic (Deluxe Edition) will feature three more bonus tracks recorded during the original recording sessions: a horns- and organ-heavy version of "90 Seconds of Your Time," "Hard to Play the Steel Guitar (for Super Frank)" and "Fancy Pickin'."

Agricultural Tragic (Deluxe Edition):

1. 90 Seconds Of Your Time
2. Old Men
3. I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey (ft. Jaida Dreyer)
4. Raining Horses
5. Oklahomans!
6. Grizzly Bear Blues
7. Dance With Your Spurs On
8. Louis L'Amour
9. Never Not Had Horses
10. Ranchin', Ridin', Romance (Two Outta Three Ain't Bad)
11. Rat Patrol
12. Tattoos Blues
13. Hard To Play The Steel Guitar (for Super Frank)
14. Horse Poor (ft. Jaida Dreyer)
15. Fancy Pickin'
16. 90 Seconds Of Your Time (Revisited)

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