Converge Deeper The Wound

A second split-CD by Converge disturbs the calm waters, as the wait for Jane Doe grows intolerable. However, much like their last split release, The Poacher Diaries, with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Deeper The Wound is a brief respite from this endless waiting, showcasing both a glimpse of what Jane Doe may offer from Converge while exposing fans to a like-minded musical misanthrope, in this case, Japan's Hellchild. Much like AgN, Hellchild make a valiant showing in the face of Converge's musical killing spree. "I (New Song)" opens their half of this 35-minute sucking chest wound, showcasing an oppressively heavy sound laden with disturbing peaks and valleys, one firmly based in the death and doom spheres, but driven with more hostility. Their cover of Bulldozer's "Insurrection of the Living Damned," and two live contributions fail to measure up to "I (New Song)," but are sufficient to see them through. Converge's new offering, "Thaw," is the gem of this album, as it effortlessly combines the atmospheric emotional abrasion of When Forever Comes Crashing with the more technical, ruthless sound employed on The Poacher Diaries. However, it is their cover of Depeche Mode's "Clean" that takes the biggest chance; fraught with clean singing, electronics and restrained in its delivery, it parallels Supermachiner's experimentation, but works remarkably well, with its tribal tom percussion, ominous delivery and wavering guitar line. Three near-flawless live songs are also included: "Conduit," "Shallow Breathing" and "Locust Reign," all of which exude the mania of a Converge live show, making Deeper The Wound a potential fatal one. (Deathwish Inc.)