Construcdead Violadead

Big surprise here from the unfortunately-named Construcdead, Violadead (ugh) being a pleasant surprise to my metallic ears the same way Soilwork’s Natural Born Chaos was. Both albums shatter perceptions of what is possible within heavy Swedish metal, taking the Gothenburg sound to new levels. Construcdead add in a refreshing mixture of melodic singing, catchy mid-tempo hooks and a good sense of groove. The groove is the weakest element of the band really; Pantera’s legacy is just tarnishing any band that attempts to do the, uh, phat grooves. The album drags a bit as well, but there’s a lot happening here to chew on. But when moments like those soaring, clean vocals in "Hate” kick in, or the band busts into that remember-till-death riff in "Bricks,” it’s all worthwhile. Construcdead are taking the Gothenburg sound to wonderful new levels; you’d be well advised to tune in. Son of a gun, who are these guys? (Black Lodge)