Club 8 The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming

The family tree of Swedish indie pop must look a little confusing because of people like Johan Angergård. In addition to being one half of Club 8, along with Karolina Komstedt, he’s also one of the Acid House Kings and a founding member of the Legends, making him one of the more influential Scandinavian musicians around. Club 8 have been on hiatus for the last four years but The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming sees them return at the top of their game. That’s because it manages to combine elements from all of Angergård’s bands to create a lovely, varied record that’s the duo’s best album to date. The one constant throughout are Komstedt’s effortless vocals, which are just gorgeous. There are dreamy acoustic tracks that are barely whispered and some more upbeat tracks with electronics beats, making this another essential addition to their already impressive discography. (Labrador)