Club 8 Unveil 'Above the City' LP

Club 8 Unveil 'Above the City' LP
Having delved into African and Latin rhythms with 2010's The People's Record, Swedish pop duo Club 8 are back with another LP. Above the City is out on May 21 through Labrador Records.

The album was produced by the band's own Johan Angergård (also of Acid House Kings) using Cubase VST 5.0, a 13-year-old computer program. Angergård said in a statement, "With less advanced technology at hand you need to create your sounds in a more hands on, inartificial kind of way."

The band apparently spent 18 months recording the album and then six more arguing about the track order. According to a press release, Club 9 utilized "Russian field recordings, children's choirs, samples from erotic movies and construction sites, used odd building material as drums and recorded in various sites such as basements and staircases to get the right reverb."

Scroll past the tracklist to hear a 30-second sample of the electro-pop track "Stop Taking My Time."

Above the City:

1. Kill Kill Kill
2. Stop Taking My Time
3. You Could Be Anybody
4. Run
5. Interlude
6. Hot Sun
7. A Small Piece of Heaven
8. I'm Not Gonna Grow Old
9. Interlude #2
10. Into Air
11. Instrumental
12. Travel
13. Less Than Love
14. Straight as an Arrow