Chron Goblin "Backwater" (video)

Chron Goblin 'Backwater' (video)
Late last year, Calgary bong lords Chron Goblin delivered their latest slab of riff-heavy metal with Backwater, and now they're back with a video for its title track.

Speaking with Exclaim!, the group explain that the video created some potential challenges for director Grant Cooper and assistants James Barry and Sean Edwards, particularly due to its fiery desert scenes. Here's a full statement from the band:

We filmed this video in the badlands near Drumheller overnight and it got a bit sketchy at times managing the fires as the wind was intense, even knocking over one of the guitar stacks at one point. It was really great working with Grant Cooper and we have to give a special shout out to Pete the dog for his great acting skills.

We felt the badlands landscape was a great fit for the concept of the video, lending itself well to a setting of purgatory or limbo that coincides with the lyrical theme. We're really proud of how this video turned out and it was nice to experiment with a different style and tone.

Watch the video for "Backwater" below.