Chris Murphy Reveals His Favourite Sloan Album

"I thought it was pretty funny, and I thought the record was pretty good too"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 15, 2021

Sloan co-founder Chris Murphy has an album coming out with his Canadian supergroup TUNS, and in a new interview for that project, he shared an interesting tidbit: his favourite Sloan album.

During an interview for longtime Exclaim! contributor Vish Khanna's Kreative Kontrol podcast, the host's son hopped on to ask a few questions. This included a query about the band members' favourite albums they've ever been involved with.

Murphy highlighted a Sloan album — but not one of their mid-'90s classics. Rather, he picked what he feels is an under-appreciated gem: 2006's epic Never Hear the End of It.

"I really like a record by Sloan that's not the most popular one. It's called Never Hear the End of It. It's a record with 30 songs, and I thought Never Hear the End of It was a really funny name for a record that was that long," Murphy said. "Some of the guys in the band didn't want that title, they thought it was too self-deprecating. But I insisted. I said, 'This is the funniest title of all time.' As a punster — I don't know if it's a pun, it's a play on words — I thought it was pretty funny, and I thought the record was pretty good too."

Check out a seven-minute clip from the interview below.

The full TUNS interview airs on the March 24 episode of Kreative Kontrol. The band's album Duly Noted is out March 26.

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