Sloan/Super Friendz/Inbreds Supergroup TUNS Return with 'Duly Noted' LP

Chris Murphy, Matt Murphy and Mike O'Neill have shared the single "My Memories"
Sloan/Super Friendz/Inbreds Supergroup TUNS Return with 'Duly Noted' LP
A few years back, Chris Murphy (Sloan), Matt Murphy (yhe Super Friendz) and Mike O'Neill (the Inbreds) released an album under the name TUNS. Now, the Canadian super-trio are back with their second album. Duly Noted is out on March 26 through Sloan's own murderecords, and they're previewing the LP with the single "My Memories."

This album comes five years after TUNS' self-titled debut, in which time Matt's family moved to England and back again. As with the prior LP, Duly Noted was written as an equal collaboration between the band members, who split frontman duties three ways.

That's the album cover above. Below, check out the video for "My Memories," which channels the classic, harmony-drenched pop sound these songwriters are known for. The accompanying video features footage of the band members from way back in 1996.

Duly Noted:

1. In the Middle of the Way Home
2. We Stand United
3. My Memories
4. Everybody Knows
5. I'll Only Love You More
6. In Another Life
7. Words and Music
8. Double Down
9. Flags for Curtains
10. Holding My Breath
11. Keeping Options Open
12. We're Living in It Now