Chin Injeti "Walking Around My Dreams" (the New Royales ft. Talib Kweli)

Chin Injeti 'Walking Around My Dreams' (the New Royales ft. Talib Kweli)
As previously reported, Grammy-winning producer Chin Injeti is gearing up to release a star-studded mixtape called Peoples on July 17 via Wandering Worx Music. Rather than make us wait an eternity in internet time, however, he's dropped a second track from the release.

"Walking Around My Dreams" is a slow-burning, groove-heavy soul number performed by the New Royales, which goes from decent to pretty great when Talib Kweli drops in for a verse after the two-minute mark.

Check out "Walking Around My Dreams" below and head here to listen to the mixtape's "Peoples 1," featuring Shad, Skratch Bastid and Bishop Lamont.