Chin Injeti

The Reverb

BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Sep 9, 2014

Chin Injeti has still got it. In fact, he likely never lost it. Best known for his funk-soul-rap Bass in Base days (along with Ivana Santilli and Roger Mooking) in the 1990s, Injeti has stayed busy in the music world, whether writing and producing for the likes of Eminem, P!nk and Aloe Blacc or for a host of emerging Canadian artists (including Sophia Danai, who appears on this record).

The Reverb marks yet another solo return to the forefront, demonstrating that as a songwriter he still retains a knack for radio-friendly melodies and catchy hooks. If anything, The Reverb is an opportunity for Injeti to display his musical mastery and range: "Salaam" is an otherworldly funk instrumental, the piano chops on short interlude "Nice to Meet You" demand some lyrics and the pleasing "I Don't Know Where We Are" (featuring Sophia Danai) comes off like a lost Bass is Base b-side, while "Collision" maintains a power ballad instrumental feel. The jazzy feel of "4.1 Night" (featuring Janette King) has hit single appeal, but poppy track "Black Skeletons," with lyrics like "Big black skeletons/ Only they've known where I've been," doesn't quite hit the mark.

The Reverb finds Injeti wielding his artistic tools and musical command over favourite hip-hop, electronic and R&B sounds. It might feel a bit distracted at times, but overall The Reverb has the cool, comfortable feel of getting back together with an old friend.

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