Coming Alive

BY Denise FalzonPublished Jul 22, 2010

Cleveland, OH's Chimaira are one of the few remaining metalcore bands that have substance. This is why they're able to release a three-disc live DVD set, featuring over seven hours of content, without it getting boring. Dubbed Coming Alive, the DVD set, which was shot entirely in HD, includes a four-part documentary, the live filming of their tenth annual Christmas concert, as well as the audio recording of the show. The documentary, in particular, is an entertaining watch for any Chimaira fan. It was filmed over the course of a year-and-a-half and is a behind-the-scenes look at the band in studio while they were writing and recording their fifth album, The Infection, also following Chimaira on the road during their subsequent world tour. The second DVD of the set, which features the band's 2009 live hometown Christmas show, is pretty standard, as far as live concert footage goes. However, the two-hour performance includes a broad range of tracks from the band's five-album catalogue, including "Nothing Remains," from their 2005 self-titled album, as well as older tracks like "Power Trip," from 2003's The Impossibility of Reason, and "Severed," from their 2001 debut, Pass Out of Existence. Adding even more bang for your buck is a bonus 45-minute "making of" documentary featuring home video footage of never before seen moments.

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