Chance the Rapper's Favourite Movie Is Apparently 'Holes'

More like Chance the Movie Critic, amirite?
Chance the Rapper's Favourite Movie Is Apparently 'Holes'
Chance the Rapper has become one of the internet's most unexpected and unusual movie critics. Having already offered thoughtful commentary on flicks like Bright and defended Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell's The House against ruthless trolls, the Chicago rapper has now unveiled his list of favourite films.
Throwing traditional critical takes to the wind, Chance took to Twitter to share a list of the movies he loves most — and the first one to get a nod was Holes. Yes, the 2003 family-friendly film featuring a young Shia LaBeouf.
Other often-overlooked choices on Chance's list include The Wackness, The Brothers Bloom, Accepted, Stomp the Yard and Anchorman.
See the full thread of his movie endorsements below.