Cex Maryland Mansions

Reinventing himself with each release, the prolific Rjyan Kidwell’s creative streak never manages to snap. Unaware of a term called "writer’s block,” his five records in a span of four years is a trait most would like their favourite artists to obtain. As Cex, Kidwell has tried his hand at glitchy IDM, wacky hip-hop and sensitive indie folk, yet with his fifth record, Maryland Mansions, he finds more undiscovered territory. Combining his already established electronic and amateur hip-hop reputations, Cex adds industrial strength punk to his latest portfolio. Rhyming and screaming over metallic guitars, punchy beats and artsy soundscapes, this eight-song mini-album is his most daring yet. The fact that he doesn’t care how this fits in with his previous work shows more can be unexpected from him in the future. Next to Tall, Dark and Handcuffed it’s his least engaging work, but Cex will be back with another approach that will hopefully feel more comfortable than this Nine Inch Nails meets the Neptunes parody. (Jade Tree)