Cex Exotical Privates

As a follow-up to last year’s Actual Fucking, Cex (aka Ryjan Kiwell) offers up four remixes of his joyfully psychotic cut-and-paste melodies. Exotical Privates is a collage of sound and rhythm, where Kate Bush, Eastern chants and bagpipes collide into one another, imploding into melodic, rhythmic mash-ups that define boundary-free IDM. Wonderfully dynamic in its mad scientist fusion, Cex still has the listener in mind, and his very palatable musical schizophrenia is as danceable as it is clever. Opener "Bolton Hill” weaves bird songs and guitar riffs into a jostling beat that quickly brings to mind Stewart Copeland’s underrated experimentations in The Rhythmatist, and the percussive drive and hypnotic chants of "Charles Village” makes it a serious dance floor contender. "Cocceesville” caps it all off with straight-up 4/4 layered with soaring orchestral loops that ends things on a high note, reaffirming just how accessible experimentation can be. (Automation)