Cavalera Conspiracy Psychosis

Cavalera Conspiracy Psychosis
There are some voices that get branded into your brain; when you hear them, it's like a warm Pavlovian comforter enveloping you. It's how I feel every time I hear Max Cavalera scream into my ears. Whichever the musical group, I've always welcomed his growl into my personal space, so when I heard that he was releasing another Cavalera Conspiracy album with his brother Igor, my ears pricked up instantly. While their debut album, Inflikted, was a definite Nailbomb-esque beginning, this fourth Cavalera Conspiracy album, Psychosis, pivots the brothers towards even more previously charted, fascinating territory.
The results are nothing short of cranium-crushing. Pummelling salvo "Insane" could easily be swapped to open Schizophrenia or Beneath the Remains. In fact, songs like "Terror Tactics" and "Impalement Execution" sound like frankensteins from early Sepultura albums (think jigsawed versions of "Slave of Pain," "Altered State," "Infected Voice," "Primitive Future" and "Refuse/Resist"). Songs like "Crom" and "Judas Pariah" even incorporate a bit of black metal riffage. Basically, the album is nuts.
If you can still pick your brain off the floor by the time "Judas Pariah" ends, the Sepul-dirges of the title track and the aptly titled "Excruciating" will most certainly end you.
After Sepultura released the fantastic, bar-raising album Machine Messiah earlier this year, Cavalera Conspiracy have now volleyed back with Psychosis. We, their audience, are the lucky winners. (Napalm)