Carnal Forge Destroy Live

One of the best modern thrash metal acts around, Sweden's Carnal Forge offer up a whole lotta Slayer-worshipping riff madness for the viewer's buck on this, their debut DVD. Consisting of one entire concert in Poland, which is well-filmed and edited, although it looks slightly and strangely pixilated at times. The band are spot-on but damn boring to watch. Ditto for the extras, which include a 20-minute interview, 30 minutes of bootleg live footage from Japan and 30 minutes of bootleg footage from a New York stop on the ill-fated "Metal Gods" tour of 2003, amongst other lesser (but still cool) extras. As always, the band rocks with a power few can match, but to watch them do it without experiencing the rush of being there just isn't all that it could be. After all, it is 145 minutes of five guys standing fairly motionless on stage banging their heads. (Metal Mind,