Cardi B Describes What It's Like to Get Illegal, Leaking Butt Implants

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 9, 2018

Cardi B may have revealed her baby bump on Saturday Night Live this weekend, but the Invasion of Privacy rapper has also opened up about a bump on the other side of her body — her butt.
In a recent GQ profile, the Bronx-born artist discussed the horrifying procedures she had done to achieve her figure. Approximately four years ago, while Cardi B was working as a stripper, she underwent buttocks implants because she "did not have enough meat on my body."
Cardi claimed she wanted a bigger backside because her boyfriend at the time had cheated with a woman who "had a fat, big ass" and her stripping colleagues with bigger booties seemed to make a lot more cash.
She went on to explain that she had her butt injected with filler — done illegally for $800 in a basement apartment in Queens.
"They don't numb your ass with anything," she said. "It was the craziest pain ever. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days."
That didn't stop her from trying to return to the same woman for a touch-up later on — but the fact that the woman had been busted after a client allegedly died on her table sure did.
Speaking of leaking butts, Cardi B also shared her reaction to meeting Beyoncé. Rather than the joyous occasion one might think it would be, she said, "Actually, I wanted to shit on myself."
Read the full Cardi B profile here.

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