Halloween Gets a Canadian Makeover Thanks to These Kids' Adorable Costumes

Gord Downie, 'Schitt's Creek' and Drake — plus a dog as Orville Peck

Photo via Shannon White on Facebook

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 26, 2020

Depending on where you live, trick-or-treating is either scaled back or cancelled completely this year — but that doesn't mean Halloween can't still be fun. Even if this year's party consists of watching Hubie Halloween on Netflix and eating a box of fun-size chocolate bars on the couch, you can still snazz up your night with a cool costume.

To celebrate Halloween, we rounded up some cute photos of toddlers dressed up as Canadian pop culture figures. We've got kids imitating classic Gord Downie and Drake looks, a whole family of youngsters as the Schitt's Creek cast, a celebration of '60s folk rock, and a few characters from Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey films. Plus, since pets are kind of like children, we've got a dog dressed up as Orville Peck.

Schitt's Creek:

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Gord Downie:

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell:


Justin Bieber:

Keanu Reeves:

Mike Myers:
Homemade Austin Powers and Mini Me costumes. from r/halloween

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Jim Carrey:
Laces out. from r/funny

Orville Peck:

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