Cadence Weapon Predicts "Small to Mid-Sized Tours Will Become a Thing of the Past Soon"

"Go see a live show while you still can"

Photo: Jennifer Hyc

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 12, 2022

Not a day goes by without news of tour cancellations due to COVID cases, mental health strain or financial pressures. Now, Canadian rapper and all-around music industry sage Cadence Weapon has commented on the trend, predicting that "Small to mid-sized 'get in the van' music tours will become a thing of the past soon."

He posted a Twitter thread in response to the news that Animal Collective were cancelling their European tour because it wasn't financially viable. He noted, "The margins are thin, the travel is gruelling," pointing out that the pandemic had created additional health concerns.

"Go see a live show while you still can," he added.

He noted that fans were also taking on risk simply by going to shows resulting in audiences being more selective about which shows they attended. This goes for him as well; he revealed, "I was willing to risk my health to go see Pet Shop Boys."

Read Cadence Weapon's comments below. His book Bedroom Rapper came out earlier this year.

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