Animal Collective Cancel Tour Due to an "Economic Reality That Simply Does Not Work"

They're the latest among a wave of artists dropping off tours due to financial constraints

Photo: Hisham Bharoocha

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 10, 2022

After touring across North America this summer, Animal Collective have announced the cancellation of their 2022 European and UK tour dates, citing financial constraints including inflation, currency devaluation and "bloated shipping and transportation costs."

They announced the cancellation via their social channels today, writing:

It has been a wild year for us trying to push through a mountain of touring obstacles related to COVID and the economy. Three of us got bad cases of COVID. We were forced to cancel shows and lost large amounts of the income that sustains us and our families. The one constant has been that we have had an incredible time playing music in front of our fans at every show. You are all amazing. We chose to push through because we love to do it. But preparing for this tour we were looking at an economic reality that simply does not work and is not sustainable.

They added that they "simply could not make a budget for this tour that did not lose money even if everything went as well as it could," and that they are "choosing not to take the risk to our mental and physical health with the economic reality of what that tour would have been."

Animal Collective went on to thank their team, promoters and venues, as well as fans, whom they asked to understand that they "would not make a choice like this lightly."

In dropping off of their tour, the band join the ranks of Santigold, Arlo Parksthe Avalanches, Rage Against the Machine and Justin Bieber, as well as many other Canadian artists, who have left the road due to illness, mental health issues, economic struggles and other persisting issues with pandemic-era touring.

See AnCo's announcement below. 

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