Cadence Weapon Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon Cadence Weapon
An emotive rapper and a particularly thoughtful lyricist, Cadence Weapon is truly fired up on this dynamically produced artistic rebirth. Switching flows up within the same songs, he marries his youthful, wild exuberance with a nuanced maturity, asserting himself by exhibiting complete control over his domain.
The Edmonton poet-laureate has said he truly found himself while living in Montreal; the nightlife there inspired and demolished him. He met Kaytranada at a DJ night they shared when Kaytra was still on the come-up, and he was also exposed to all sorts of groundbreaking electronic music. But a night like that could also lead to debauchery.
Speaking with peers, he realized there was an insidious racist and sexist undercurrent within the power dynamic of their partying community and that loss of innocence shifted things within Cadence Weapon. Now in Toronto, Montreal still looms large for him, as a formative personal and creative force.
Working off cool, contemporary beats from the likes of Kaytranada, FrancisGotHeat, Jacques Green and Harrison, and vocals and production from Deradoorian, Blue Hawaii, Brendan Phillip and Casey MQ, Cadence Weapon dives deep into his psyche here. It's reflective of the five years since the downcast Hope in Dirt City, and his mind, which has changed for the better.
Via his witty rhymes, Cadence Weapon captures his desire for success, a penchant for proving himself as a rapper (he does), and an eagle-eyed perspective on the revolt that is fuelling our call-out cultural moment. It's also his most provocative and well-executed album and a high water mark for hip-hop on this continent. (eOne)