Silver Dollar, Toronto ON, April 21

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Ian GormelyPublished Apr 22, 2017

Bueller's name hews '80s, but this Toronto quartet are otherwise a '90s animal. Mixing '60s surf and garage with '90s lo-if and songs about Rachael Leigh Cook, they delivered a short, punchy set of tunes in which members all traded vocal duties.
Drummer Sara (no last names are given on their socials) anchored the group musically, while her ebullient demeanour rubbed off on her bandmates Zoe, Rain and Jack as well the crowd. That their sticky melodies made it through the venue's muddy P.A. was a testament to their stickiness, classic doo-wop and rock tropes imbued with a dash of modern lyrical relevance on songs about the beach ("Beach Bod," "Beach Blonde") and doomed relationships ("Cheater).
A fun, if brief set, Bueller managed to channel plum pieces of the past without wallowing in them.

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